Technical Specifications

Wiring Loom

Schleuniger OmniStrip 9450.jpg

Schleuniger OmniStrip 9450


■ Cutting to length and stripping of stranded and solid-conductor wires and cables

■ Jacket and inner conductor stripping

■ Longitudinal slitting and multi-step stripping

■ Hotstamp marking and inkjet printing

■ Interfaces for the communication with customized (non-standard) devices

Customer benefits

  • High productivity

  • Optimal balanced and simultaneously running machine processes

  • Short change-over times

  • Simultaneous processing of multiple wires of the same size

  • Predefined cables and processing libraries on demand

  • Simplified change of tooling​​

Max. Cable Outer Diameter 16 mm 

Cross section 16 mm2 (AWG 06)

Flat Ribbon width 11 mm

Cable Length 999'999 mm (39’370”), < 54 mm (2.13”) in Short Mode

Max. Stripping Length 999.9 mm (393“)

Max. Pull-Off Length 100 mm (3.93”) trailing end, 200 mm (7.87”) leading end

Feed Rate 2.1 m/s , 10 steps

Memory Capacity > 1’000 cables


  • Buffered Fiber

  • Coated Fiber

  • Coaxial Cable

  • Cord

  • Discrete Wire

  • Duplex Glass Optical Fiber

  • Fiber Optic Cable, Foils, and More

  • Fiber Ribbon

Processing Capabilities


  • Fiberglass

  • Flat Material

  • Flat Ribbon Cable

  • GOF (Glass Optical Cable)

  • Jacketed Flat Cable

  • Kevlar

  • Multi-conductor Cable

  • POF (polymer optical cable)

  • PUR

  • PVC

  • Rubber

  • Rubber Cords / Profiles

  • Shielded Cables

  • Single Conductor Cable

  • Single Wire

  • Solid Wire

  • Stranded Wire

  • Teflon®

  • Triaxial Cable

  • Tubes + Pipes

  • Tubing

  • Wire

  • Wire with Special Isolation

process 1.jpg

Cut to length

Full or partial strip

     left and right

   Jacket and inner conductor stripping

Jacket stripping of     extremely thin         insulations

Jacket stripping of    multi-conductor              cables

process 2.jpg

  Multi-step jacket      stripping with      inner conductor        stripping and        window slitting

Multi-step stripping

Multi-layer stripping

   Multi-layer with     shield processing (Coax, Hybrid, etc.)

       Trimming,          separating and         stripping of    individual zipcord       conductors

wire marking

Wire marking

Schleuniger Prefeeder 2200.jpg

Soldering Capabilities

Tiger Assemblies are confident that we can meet all your soldering requirements. Whether that be intricate soldering on all types of connectors to PCB boards. Our team have over 50 years of soldering experience to a very high level. 


Schleuniger Rotary Strip 2400

The Schleuniger RotaryStrip 2400 strips wires ranging in size from 0.013 – 6 mm² (36 – 10 AWG) and jacketed cables up to 7 mm (0.27″) in diameter. The main applications are difficult to process insulations and wires where a controlled twisting of the inner conductors is required. This innovative machine does not require any mechanical adjustments to process different wire sizes. Using the color touchscreen, we select the desired wire size from the preprogrammed library and all parameters (incision diameter, clamping pressure, blade way back, etc.) are automatically set. We can then edit the stripping and pull-off lengths as required and the machine is ready for operation meeting our client’s requirements.

wire to go with Schleuniger Rotary Strip
Crimping press - with force of 2

Schleuniger Prefeeder 2200

The PreFeeder 2200 is a free-standing, electric-demand prefeeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 100kg and provide a constant tension to downstream wire processing machines. A moveable dancer pulley allows the PreFeeder 2200 to easily respond to the typical intermittent starting and stopping actions associated with automatic wire processing machines.

Tiger Assemblies are able to move and feed large reels of cable up to 500m in length due to the extra capacity we have added to our prefeeders. 

We have cranes that can lift up to a tonne in weight to be able to move reels around our factory safely.

soldering iron.jpg

Z+F Unic-L – Strip and Crimp

At Tiger Assemblies we have this electro-pneumatic Stripper-Crimper which is designed for rapid and reliable processing of loose piece insulated ferrules with cross-sections in the range of


0.5 - 2.5mm² (AWG 20-14) 


and crimping length of 


8mm (0.31in.). 


Insulated ferrules for tri-rated wires (special size, “S“) can also be handled. 

  •  very short cycle time 

  •  no tooling time 

  •  no tool change 

  •  crimp quality conforms to DIN 46228 

  •  adjustable stripping unit 

  •  batch counter (reset possible) 

Schleuniger Rotary Strip 2400.jpg

Crimping press - with  force of 2 tons

Tiger Assemblies made the decision to buy multiple KN21 bench crimping units with crimping force of 2 tons. We hold various applicators to meet the needs of our customers and can crimp the majority of requirements. 

Heat Shrinking

Our commercial heat tunnel provides economic and consistent shrink performance. We can control the speed and temperature to make sure that your requirements are achieved everytime.

Heat Shrink.jpg

Thermal Transfer Printer: T200 IDENT

Tiger Assemblies can make and print identification on most cable applications, we pride ourselves on offering a compete service to our customers please ask for further details

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